Chef John Doherty has curated nutritious, high protein meals that have an 18-month shelf life for Heavenly HARVST, a 501(c)(3) organization. Each recipe consists of a variety of quality ingredients that are cooked to perfection with absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavorings. Heavenly HARVST meals offer versatility to be served in distressed communities and can be taken home for future consumption to be enjoyed at any time. These chef-curated, delicious and convenient meals are designed to bring a new level of taste and dignity to a home in need. Our hope is that families can feel proud to put this food on their table.

The Hunger Relief Program New York City Deserves

Hunger is a major problem worldwide, and it is continually growing. Due in part to the current pandemic, more than 50 million Americans and 265 million people worldwide are experiencing food insecurity. Addressing this requires nutritious meals with long shelf lives, and the Heavenly HARVST Foundation provides them through various food banks in and outside of New York City.

Ending World Hunger, One Meal at a Time

Created and curated by Chef John Doherty, every pre-made meal we provide is made from high quality ingredients, designed to meet or exceed USDA adult nutritional requirements and made without any artificial flavoring or preservatives. Most importantly, our meals use cutting-edge food pouch technology, pressure-based sterilization processes, preserving more nutrients and keeping them safe to eat for up to 18 months. This not only allows us to serve these meals at our local food banks in New York City, but transport them to other communities in need. In fact, our program has worked with Feed the Children to distribute over 60,000 meals to cities all along the east coast, bringing health, hope, and dignity to people nationwide.

Where Can I Find Local Food Banks Near Me?

Whether your community needs food or you want to help feed the hungry, Heavenly HARVST Foundation’s doors are always open. From providing donations to organizing meal deliveries, you can call or email us, or visit our New York City headquarters. People in need deserve nothing less than the culinary best.

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people in the U.S. struggle to fight hunger
have been provided to families by
Heavenly HARVST thus far
visiting food banks are first-time recipients of food assistance due to COVID-19


Think Big. Act Bigger.


Working together with Feed the Children, Heavenly HARVST has to date, distributed over 50,000 meals
in Chicago, New York, Boston, Baltimore, NYC and the Hudson Valley. Many of these meals have been sent to COVID-19 relief efforts nationwide. Another 135,000 meals are currently in production, scheduled to be available early Fall 2020.

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With over 80% of your donation going directly to making a high quality, nutritious meal, every $1 counts. Help us offer affordable and easily accessible meals to those in need by donating today. Our ability to provide our meals is dependent upon your generous support.