Founder John Doherty

John Doherty
Founder and Chairman

After a 30 year legacy with the Waldorf-Astoria, John grew a keen desire to focus on quality ingredients sourced from local purveyors, and opened BLACKBARN Restaurant in New York City in September of 2015. Although preparing meals for Presidents and Dignitaries was inspiring, Doherty responded to a higher calling with a desire to feed those in need. Doherty founded Heavenly HARVST Foundation in 2015 and is determined to make a positive impact on hunger in this country.

“After twenty-three years as a Chef, enjoying the thrill of preparing elaborate meals for Presidents, dignitaries and celebrities at lavish events, the time has come to follow a greater passion…feeding those in need.”

President Jenna Doherty

Jenna Elliott
President and CEO

Following a successful career in the fashion industry, Jenna has found a renewed sense of professional purpose through her work with the Heavenly HARVST Foundation. As the daughter of a Chef, Jenna has always understood the importance of meal time and has a deep appreciation for the pride that comes with putting high-quality, nutritious food on the table. Her desire to give back and help members of local community was only strengthened as she started her own family. Jenna is thrilled to be able to work alongside her father, Chef John Doherty, to fulfill the Heavenly HARVST mission.

Jenna has served as the Executive Director for Heavenly HARVST since its founding and enjoys connecting the organization with the food banks and programs it serves.

Jennifer Doherty, VP

Jennifer Doherty
Vice President

Being raised by a Restaurateur and then marrying a Chef, Jennifer’s life has always been influenced by food and feeding people. She worked in her Father’s restaurants, growing up in Utah, where she learned to appreciate good food and the care necessary to create healthy and delicious meals. Jennifer went on to work in hospitality, in sales roles for various hotels, beginning her career with Marriott in Utah and realizing her dream of living in New York City with an opportunity at The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and currently holds the title of Managing Director for AKA Furnished Residences in NYC. Jennifer is a passionate supporter of Heavenly HARVST’s goal of ending hunger in the world with healthy, delicious, shelf stable meals. Her determination to help make the Foundation’s goal a reality was only intensified after becoming a Mother and understanding the agony a Mother would face if not able to feed her child. Jennifer is excited to support the growth of Heavenly HARVST so it can reach every corner of the globe and feed every Mother’s child.

Jamie O’Sullivan

Jamie O’Sullivan