Chef John Doherty has curated nutritious, high protein meals that have an 18-month shelf life for Heavenly HARVST. Each recipe consists of a variety of quality ingredients that are cooked to perfection with absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavorings.

Every recipe is carefully designed to meet or exceed USDA recommendations for an adult’s nutritional requirement per meal.

Created with the latest food pouch technology and therefore preserving more nutrients, the filled pouches are sterilized in a retort chamber which applies heat under pressure rather than the use of preservatives. This is done in order to keep meals safe to eat for up to 18 months.

These pouches offer a wholesome, and nutritious alternative to most pre-made meals. Most Heavenly HARVST meals contain at least 20 grams of protein in addition to high levels of iron, calcium, and vital nutrients like Vitamins A and C.

COVID-19 Crisis Heaps Pressure on Nation’s Food Banks

Food banks and pantries across the country are facing a steep drop-off in the bread and butter of their operations: food donated by supermarkets and farms.


Chef Doherty has created meals that are a top choice for parents and caregivers because of their ease of preparation, which is both safe and accessible for children. They do not require cooking or assembly, which can add levels of stress to hungry or unsupervised children.

These chef-curated, delicious and convenient meals are designed to bring a new level of taste and dignity to a home in need. Our hope is that families will feel proud to put this food on their table.

Asian Stir Fry Chicken • BBQ Chicken & Rice • Cheddar Mac & Cheese • Chicken Pot Pie • Macaroni Bolognese • Red Beans & Rice • Shrimp & Chickpea Jambalaya • Three Bean Chili (Vegetarian)

Heavenly HARVST | Meals Chicken Pot Pie
Heavenly HARVST | Meals Cheddar Mac And Cheese
Heavenly HARVST | Meals Jambalaya
Heavenly HARVST | Meals Three Bean Chili