Hunger in America:
Many of us think of people who are hungry, as those that are homeless and destitute. The fact is, many Americans that are hungry are hard working people making minimum wage or people who’ve lost their jobs, can’t pay their bills and face eviction. They just don’t make enough money to put three meals on the table. Besides not having enough money for three meals, sadly, it’s cheaper to buy a meal at a fast food restaurant than it is to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. This only compounds the issue of poor nutrition leading to obesity and diabetes.

Here are some statistics:

  1. A staggering 1 in 6 Americans face hunger each day.
  2. Households with children reported a significantly higher food insecurity rate than households without children in 2011. 20.6 percent vs. 12.2 percent.
  3. Food insecurity exists in every county in America. In 2011, 17.9 million households were food insecure.
  4. 50.1 million Americans struggle to put food on the table
  5. In the US, hunger isn’t caused by a lack of food, but rather the continued prevalence of poverty
  6. More than 1 in 5 children is at risk of hunger. Among African-Americans and Latinos, it’s 1 in 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

What problem still exists?

Although there are many food banks, Church soup kitchens, Food stamps and wonderful people not to mention community food drives, we are still not meeting the need. 30 percent of those facing hunger issues are working with incomes just above the threshold to get federal food aid.

Another problem is when a person does go to a soup kitchen, often times they have a hungry family back home who also need food.

What problem does Heavenly HARVST solve?

Heavenly HARVST, a not for profit organization, makes delicious and nutritious foods that can be distributed those in need to be kept in their home kitchens and eaten when they want, just like most of us do at no cost to them. These meals are made with meat, vegetables, pasta or rice, herbs and spices without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. These meals exceed the USDA recommendations for an adult’s nutritional requirement for one meal. The package of food is fully cooked and shelf stable for up to 12 months requiring a microwave oven or skillet to re-heat.

How is this food made?

Many people believe in the myth that canned and bottled foods need preservatives to be able to sit on a store or pantry shelf at room temperature for months on end. This is not true. Canned, bottled and foods in cartons and pouches are stabilized through natural acidity, time and temperature treatments that kill any bacteria that may harm us over time. Fresh, wholesome, delicious, untreated foods can be preserved and enjoyed without sacrificing our health- just as our Grandmothers may have done by making jam with summer strawberries.

After 23 years of feeding over a million people a year, Doherty learned what people like to eat. His experience made it easy for him to develop meals that will please everyone in the family while delivering the nutrition needed to get through the day.

How can you help?

The meals will be distributed to food banks and soup kitchens to reach those in need at no cost to them. Therefore we rely on government grants and donations. The more donations we collect, the more meals we can make and the more people we can feed.

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